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His majesty the arancino.

2020-05-24 19:03


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His majesty the arancino.

His majesty the arancino - The arancino is a delicacy typical of sicily, the one around which opened a wide discussion...




His majesty the arancino




The arancino is a delicacy typical of sicily, the one around which there remains open a wide parochial discussion  on fatherhood and... sex. Even if, with a large abundance of evidence and anecdotes are confirmed, and disproved, in turn, the motivations of the male of poeopleof Catania and to the women of palermitans, all agree on the goodness refined for this specialty sicilian.


The arancino is a cone of rice breaded and fried, with heart, stuffed traditionally with meat sauce, but now, declined in an infinite variety of tastes. The name "Arancino" derives from the shape and color reminiscent of an orange even if, sopratutta to Catania, the spherical form is used for variations to the traditional recipe with meat sauce. Because of its inspiration to the orange, according to the theory "palermocentrica", the dish should be indicated to the female, but equally valid are the motivations of those who assert that the declination of the fruit in sicily is predominantly male.

The origin of the recipe dates back to the arabs, while it seems to be due to Frederick II, the pantura crunchy, designed to allow you to bring the dish during travel and hunting. Also, the shape "cone" the arancino al ragù seems to have been re-imagined to be able to be contested from the tip allowing you to morderne immediately the heart of flesh. As it often happens, however, in Sicily, also in this case there are "schools of thought between "temporizer" who prefer to start from the tip to enjoy the sauce at the end and "steadfast, who like to get a taste of the suffered the seasoning.

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