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The Natural Commercial Centre

"Via Etnea"



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Natural Shopping Center of via Etnea

The Natural Shopping Center of via Etnea was established as a consortium on 23 March 2011 on the initiative of a group of entrepreneurs determined to make people discover, through the creation of an organizational and commercial network, the pleasure and seduction of the historic center of Catania.

The project is supported by companies whose activities are located in via Etnea and, more generally, in the area of the historic center of Catania.

Natural Shopping Centers are a tool, an opportunity offered to businesses in historic centers to be able to compete and respond in a structured way to the demands of the markets and the aggression of large-scale retail trade. The social object of the CCN of via Etnea are all the initiatives aimed at enhancing the "places" that characterize the identity and culture of Catania and determine its attraction for citizens and tourists; from the fight against illegal activity to the development of strategies to guarantee decorum, cleanliness and safety, each theme is crucial to the redefinition of a new business model that invests outside its own shop by actively collaborating with the Public Administration.

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