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The launch of Saint Agatha

2024-01-14 09:03


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The launch of Saint Agatha

There is an indissoluble bond between the people of Catania and the patron saint of the city, Saint Agatha. The three-day celebrations attract 1.5 million peopl


During the procession the reliquary bust and the silver casket are carried through the streets of the city on board the fercolo (vara). The modern-day launch was made entirely of silver in 1518 by the goldsmith Vincenzo Archifel and rests on four wheels which facilitate the effort of the devotees called to tow it. Originally it seems that the vara was equipped with long skis and that the tradition of offering wax in front of the fercolo had the function of facilitating sliding on the city pavements. The fercolo is embellished with pink carnations during the "external tour" of February 4th, while on the 5th, the day of martyrdom, the floral decoration becomes white.

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